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Brite Tile's Cleaning Process

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Enjoy the new look and feel of your pool and spa with Brite Tile's highly effective cleaning method. It's called European Bead Blasting.
We focus on one small area at a time to achieve detailed cleaning.

Removing tough, stubborn mineral deposits

Our system pulverizes the calcium and other minerals that build up on pool and spa tile. Because we use a self-contained system, clean up takes less time. You also save because less water is drained for cleaning. You're back to using your pool and spa in a short time-less than a day!

Our method is safe and eco-friendly

We don't use harsh chemicals, caustic acids or stiff wire brushes which can damage the tile.

Highly trained, experienced and caring technicians

You can expect thorough, detailed cleaning and expert repair. For more than 11 years, Brite Tile's knowledge and experience has saved money, alleviating costly repairs for commercial and private pool and spa owners.

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